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Privacy Policy

User’s personal information is highly valuable for us and we provide a comprehensive check and balance to make sure that there is no confidential data breach.

Mobile Property for Personal use

All information, logos, and any kind of material available on the website is the property of MobilePhone4U.

How do we use customer personal information?

We have set high moral and professional grounds to secure our customer’s credentials including contact details, email addresses, home addresses, and phone no.  We strictly do not share or provide our any user’s data to any individual. Our company only uses customers’ personal information for order process, delivery confirmation, money transaction, and future communication.

When a customer registers an account with us, he/she is asked to fill in the required information. We store the data carefully and ensure that it is not misused.

We use customers’ information to provide the company’s latest offers, deals, and upcoming news. We may contact you using one of the following mediums:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text Messages

How do we use and collect customers’ information?

  • Once a customer visits our website, we may collect his/her IP address
  • When a user uses our services or products, we can display the user buying experiences for advertising purposes.
  • We collect information when a user signs up his/her account
  • Taking part in our online deals may require customer’s basic credential
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter or email, we may have a customer’s basic data.
  • We can collect your bank information, accredit or debit card info and bank account information
  • We also keep data of call records done on both sides that may include call duration, and messages.
  • We collect user information for tracking and order purposes. Similarly, we use such data to track orders, delivery, and user confirmation
  • We may use customer’s data for returns, refunds, and exchanging of goods

Disclosure of information by customer

We shall not be responsible for any leakage of the personal information of a customer if he/she shares personal data with someone else.

  • If the customer has provided the confidential to one of his/her circle
  • If you are using a third-party application on mobile/desktop/or laptop and it receives customer personal information, the company will not be responsible for such action.
  • We recommend our user’s to not share their personal gadgets with anyone else as there remain security breach chances. Similarly, do not use someone else mobile or computer for any kind of transaction or personal information. There is also the risk of data breaching.

The purpose of sharing private details is to inform our respected customers how we use their information, and there are zero chances of data insecurity here. The company will not be responsible for customers’ irresponsibility.

Information on MobilePhone4U

MobilePhone4U team strives hard to provide its customers with the most reliable information. We make sure that each information given on our site, mobile descriptions, and all facts and figures are correct. Yet, we do not provide any warranty for any data, descriptions, or attributes displayed on our website. We welcome you if you have a suggestion regarding our website, or highlight any error. Our contact team will highly appreciate you and we will look into the matter to provide our customers best online shopping experience.

We may collect your information through cookies, cookies enhance user website experience, similarly, it also helps us to know how users use our website. So we can develop our website and service in a more efficient way. We also store users’ data to keep a record that how many times a user is visiting our website.

For how long do we keep user information?

We are bound to use customers’ information by law, yet we store our customers’ data only for a reasonable time, or to contact for further promotions.

How do we share customer information?

We may use our user’s personal information with our affiliates to prevent any kind of fraud or theft. Such affiliates do not use customer credentials for marketing purposes, while MobilePhone4U may use this data for advertising. We may disclose your information to the law agencies where it seems reasonable only.

How do we secure the user’s personal information?

MobilePhone4U is equipped with the latest security wall to protect our customer’s information. We constantly try hard to bring further improvement to our website security. That is why we do not let any unauthorized access to any user’s account nether we encourage such activities.

Customer’s privacy rights are important

We value our customers and their privacy rights. As we are taking every step to secure our user's personal information, similarly, we encourage you to write us if you have any concerns regarding any privacy breach with your account. We will get to the issue as soon as possible.

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