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Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are related to sales of refurbished and used smartphones at MobilePhone4U rightly after the order is placed.

We welcome every visitor at everything available on site is the property of MobilePhone4U including content, policies, and warranty. You are agreed to each service and policy and everything related to our terms and conditions. You are bound to accept our account procedure whether you are a buyer or a visitor. Our terms and conditions apply to both parties. Before shopping here, it is the customer’s responsibility to go through our terms and conditions carefully, that would be considered that you are agreed to proceed.

We believe in delivering extreme professional and honest services to each customer. We ensure that our customers are getting the best possible shopping experience here and they have the best customer support from our end.

These terms and conditions do not affect the legal right of the customer. We update our policies from time to time, keep visiting our website to read our terms and conditions.

General terms and conditions:

  • Any contract and purchase is governed by English law if there is any dispute between both parties, out of court settlement will be highly favorable.
  • Once a customer visits our site and places an order, he/she automatically comes under our terms and conditions.
  • The current terms and conditions can be changed at any time. It is highly recommended to read this page whenever you visit our site. These conditions will be applied right after a customer places his/her order.
  • We strive hard to provide our customers with the most accurate and updated specifications. But still, if a customer finds any information incomplete, he/she is advised to contact or customers support team as soon as possible.
  • Prices for all goods are shown in UK Pounds (£)
  • We aim to provide affordable prices, still, all prices, offers, and deals can be edited anytime without informing. To keep yourself updated, it is advised to see our price plans regularly.
  • All returns products’ cost will be paid by the customer
  • MobilePhone4U proceed all orders by filling up a form, it is recommended for all customers to fill the form very carefully as we would not be responsible for providing any incomplete or false information
  • Company will not be responsible for any wrong email, contact no or a wrong or an incomplete account no
  • If the company sends emails or any promotion to the wrong contact address, we will not be liable for any reaction
  • Warranty will not be accepted if the device is damaged
  • The company will not be liable to pay any compensation if a third party is hired to repair the phone.
  • The condition of the item can be a bit changed as displayed on the website. A customer cannot claim any compensation for such a change.
  • Our all smartphones go through strict checking procedure where a comprehensive test is held to ensure the performance of each set. We do not sell defective smartphones.
  • We have a wide range of refurbished and used phones, the company has the right to review the product information and price during the process of the order. The company decision will be effective right after it implements the new policy. The customer has no authority to challenge the company’s instant terms and conditions.
  • All customers will have to go through a sign-up procedure to process the order and payment. Company will not be liable for any wrong information filled in the sign-up form or a false address

Returns and warranty

Items must be returned within 30 days and the time starts right after you book your order. Without the original receipt, the return will not be accepted, similarly, the product must be in great condition as it was sent. If, the product has scratches or any defect company will not be liable to accept your returns.

  • We make it sure that each product is in perfect condition and the customer gets the gadget in the same health. Unfortunately, if you discover any issue regarding the device, the company will be liable to repair only internal issues. So the same condition applies to warranty. Our warranty secures only internal technical defects, moreover, we will not accept any claims if we come to know the device is misused or attempted for repair by a third party. 
  • If customers return the device, it must be with all accessories as it was sent. If the customer fails to meet the conditions, the product will be sent back to the customer.
  • Once MobilePhone4U receives the return parcel and forwards it to the concerned department, the company has the authority to offer the proper replacement. Still, a customer insists on a full refund, it would depend on the available warranty too.

What is not covered under warranty

We are not liable to offer any repairing service, or any refund, or compensation if the device is faulty due to an accident whether deliberate or natural disaster. We do not accept warranty of phones with the following defects:

  • If the phone is misused or damaged due to any kind of negligence
  • Battery is deteriorated or damaged due to excessive charge, or due to an electric shock
  • Any kind of repair or modification in hardware or software will be considered or solely act of customer and such a device will be considered exempt from warranty.
  • If the software phone is damaged due to the installation of any app, we will not be responsible I such case. It is highly advised to install only trusted apps contain no malware.
  • We do not offer claims to water damaged smartphones, moreover, if a phone is operated for any purpose, we will not entertain such warranties.

Faulty items

If you have received a faulty item, you must return it within three days. Your claim will be considered inappropriate if we find that any kind of adjustments done with the device or you have approached the third party for repairing. A customer must return the product with a fully unlocked condition. You must not set any kind of security measure. If you do not return us the faulty product within the given time spawn, we will not be liable to compensate you.

Order cancellation

We will not be bound to confirm the availability of the item until you confirm it. Similarly, the price may vary as it was displayed on the website. Moreover, we have the right to cancel your order anytime and we will let you know the reasons for such action. The possible reason could be “out of stock item”

Payment methods

MobilePhone4U believes in strong security measures when it comes to any kind of transaction. That is why we have provided customers the most reliable and flexible payment options. Our customers can select one of the following payment channels:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Once you visit our site and place an order, we recommend you read our terms and condition, or it will be considered that you are agreed to our terms. Similarly, any user is strictly forbidden to use any content on the website for any illegal purposes. If a company finds any breach of the terms, it has the right to suspend any operation linking to that individual link.

  1. Any purchase made upon a non-working day of after the cut-off time (03:00 PM) will only be processed on the next available working day. For example. A next working day (The UK only) delivery order placed on a Saturday would only be processed on the following Monday. Or if the order is placed after the cut-off at 03:01 PM will be processed on the next working day.
  2. We only deliver the item to the billing address. If you wish the item to be delivered to a different address we'd require a proof of ID as well as proof of shipping address so that we can process your order and dispatch.

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